Artificial Intelligence can help you promote your ads

The Digital Era is characterized by people using mobile phones most of the time. Marketing strategies are constantly changing. Programmatic advertising is the latest technique to promote Ads using Artificial Intelligence. It allows you to sell and buy ads efficiently and effectively. Artificial Intelligence can help advertisers buy inventory/space to increase visibility to the targeted audience.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Bookmyleads considers search engine marketing (SEM) a prominent branch of Internet Marketing. SEM is a way to promote websites by increasing the website’s visibility in search engine results pages. Search engine marketing mainly works via paid advertising.

Search engine optimization (SEM) can also include reforming or changing website content to be a top search result for certain searches. To improve a site’s ranking in search engine results pages, pay per click (PPC) listings are used to re-craft the site architecture.

Google Ads is the most popular SEM technique.


Vernacular Marketing

Vernacular Marketing

India is home to many languages. Chennai is one of the most diverse cities in India. Using a smartphone is now possible for everyone. However, not all internet users can speak English fluently. We can build a stronger emotional connection with potential customers if we use the native language of each person to communicate with them. Vernacular marketing was born. Vernacular Marketing aims to reach a wider audience using the language they know.

Brand Management

In a world where attention is scarce, branding requires new formalization. bookmyleads Brand Management is basically a framework for understanding, managing, and organizing brands. Brand management focuses on building, leveraging and protecting your brand. Do not forget to interact with the world.

Branding doesn’t end with the creation of a logo and a social media page. It transcends the invisible lines of competition. Every company has a representation it wants to share in public space and on social media. True branding is the effort to make this representation a positive impression on viewers.

Brand Management

Search Engine Optimization


Bookmyleads Search Engine Optimization is primarily used to rank your site on the top search results for certain keywords that are recurring within a specific industry. Understanding the workings of a search engine is key to optimizing it. Before diving into the SEO process, it is important to understand both crawling and indexing.